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Thesis title / Intitulé de la thèse

« Street vending, Pavement Politics and Metropolisation in Thika town » – Dir. B. Calas


I trained as a Geography and Business Studies teacher at Kenyatta University and have taught in Several High Schools in Kenya between 2002 to date. From 2018 to 2022, I undertook a PhD on the street vending activities at University Bordeaux Montaigne in France.


Research interest:

  • Micro and small enterprises especially street vending
  • Entrepreneuship in small and intermediate towns
  • Urbanisation,Metropolisation and globalisation from Below


My PhD thesis focused on the street vending activities and Metropolisation of Intermediate towns. It explored the politics associated with trading in the urban spaces by different actors. I am also interested in Entrepreneurship in the small and intermediate town. I got interested in this area especially during my Masters study which focused on small entrepreneurs of passion fruits in Gatundu town in Central Kenya. Subjects on Urbanisation, Metropolisation and Globalisation (from Below) are of real interest to me because they bring into focus how small businesses are surviving in the current global set-up.



I am Currently teaching High school geography and business Studies.I have developed a unique methodology in teaching this two subjects. I have intergrated the use of ICT, so as to allow better understand by my students. My mission has always been, to bring the entire world to the classroom so as to enable my leaners to fit in any society globally. The 21st century student is very inquisitive and therefore should be in a position to understand his environment better.



My research deals with street vending activities in small and intermediate towns especially in Nairobi metropolitan area which includes Thika and its hinterland. My recommendations on my thesis will go along way in finding solutions to the challenges posed by street vendors in the scramble of urban spaces together with other actors.



Nathan KARIUKI. “Street Vendors Associations in Kenya: Political or Economic Resources?” Mambo!, Vol. XIX (4), 2022. Read

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